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The First Casualty – The Media
Today, November 20th is exactly 60 days until President-elect Donald Trump will officially be inaugurated our 45th President.
It can’t come soon enough.
The war rages on with the progressive liberal left. It’s as if they believe, like a toddler might, that if they just scream loud enough they will get their way and magically Hillary will swoop in and save them by somehow changing the election results. The ironic part is more than half didn’t vote. 
Then there’s the accepted fact that the largest part of these riots and protests, clamoring for safe spaces at colleges for refugees, are being funded by a man who is fighting for the NWO.
We just elected a candidate who ran on law and order. And law and order we will see. So this will eventually come to an end, but in the meantime?
Our current President could help bring some order to this still much divided country, but he is on yet another world apology tour implying falsehoods that encourage more of the same disruptive behavior.
So who else do we have that is in a position to help unify the country? The media?  Ha! These temper tantrums we’re seeing are fueled by the media. The same media outlets that have been behind the Democratic Party for years, helping create this division by reporting only one point of view as truth. Instead of being responsible journalists reporting with an unbiased view throughout the election and then condemning the violence and riots, if there had been any, they have managed to create and prolong them, proving that the MSM as a serious news source is now officially dead. Stick a fork in them. It’s over. CNN, the worst offender has become so biased and unreliable they are now totally irrelevant. 
The MSM continues to blather and speculate and blather about President-elect Trump’s picks for his cabinet. They stand guard in front of Trump Tower NYC 24/7 capturing every person who might be there to meet with PE Trump as if this was his next major cabinet pick. It’s truly ridiculous. How about waiting and reporting the facts. What ever happened to the facts? The MSM is more concerned with the “what if’s” than the actual facts.
I have a suggestion. How about between any breaking news on President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks, why don’t they report on the massive heroin addiction problem facing this nation or how about talking about a crumbling education system where we pay more per student than any other country and rank far from the top or maybe a news story on our homeless veterans and how we as a nation can come together to help solve these problems. It is the people who own the ultimate power to change things. This is the lesson the MSM is about to learn.
Our journalists have gone. They no longer exist. Fortunately, there are good reliable individuals out there speaking truths and their small voice is heard by many.
So where do we turn from here?

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